Cardiologist, Fort Pierce, FL

My experience with ML Medical Billing began in 2012, working as the Office Manager for a cardiologist in Fort Pierce, Florida. ML Medical Billing acquired the Internal Medicine part of our billing office, but the cardiologist continued to utilize our employees in billing. As time progressed, the billing was not going in the direction the physician wanted. I began to look around for a billing company when I received a phone call from ML Medical Billing.

The internal medicine physician was completely happy with his billing, so I and our nurse met with ML Medical Billing. Within the hour of our meeting, they were able to navigate throughout the systems with no problem. Many questions were asked and they answered the questions to our satisfaction. We discussed, in depth, the importance of what the physician was expecting from outsourcing his billing. I, as the office manager, felt we had made a wise choice and knew that there was nothing to be concerned about.

It has been more than a year using ML Medical Billing. Their staff went above and beyond with a large clean up of various billing issues and AR. We have been and still are completely satisfied with the service and the staff. It feels more like a friendship than strictly a business relationship.

Your handling of my account has given me a newfound sense of security and has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders.