Specialty Biller Services

As a specialty medical practice, your office requires a unique revenue billing system suited to your practice area and patients. Unfortunately, managing both patient care and finances can become overwhelming and complex. As a physician or medical provider, you should be free to focus solely on your patients without the stress or expenses of running an effective billing process. By turning to ML Medical Billing, your practice will enjoy the benefits of our specialty biller services, allowing your practice to increase revenue and cut down on administrative costs.

For more than three decades, ML Medical Billing has worked on behalf of a wide range of medical practices and specialties to offer cutting-edge billing services. Through our customized healthcare billing plans, our clients can ensure that their practice is both efficient and profitable.

Specialty Biller Services

The dedicated team at ML Medical Billing is comprised of health care billing specialists with extensive knowledge of cutting-edge medical practice management and billing services. From ensuring that the billing and payment process runs smoothly to meeting the specific regulations and compliance requirements of various insurance carriers, we strive to give our clients the room and freedom to generate more revenue, while also achieving client satisfaction.

We proudly work with a broad range of specialty practices, including mental health, plastic surgery, OB/GYN, dermatology, internal medicine, and family medicine. Using the latest technology, your practice will have 24/7 access to patient records, claims forms, billing, payments, and collection information. We will also design custom bills suited for the unique range of services provided by your practice, allowing you to create an accurate receipt of final payment for your clients.

With the wide range of specialty biller services provided by ML Medical Billing, your practice will have the unique billing solutions necessary to meet your patients’ needs, while also ensuring that you are able to maximize profits.

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