The team at ML Medical Billing in Los Angeles knows how difficult it can be for physicians to provide care to countless patients while also juggling practice management, billing, coding, and so much more. That is why our physician billing agency provides a wide array of outsourced medical biller and coder services meant to alleviate stress and give you more time to focus on your medical practice, no matter what the size or the specialty. Not only that, but we can help you receive more profits in less time. This is achieved by maximizing your reimbursements and lowering your labor cost.

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To learn more, and to outsource your billing services, get in touch with us by calling (888) 719-7602 or filling out our online contact form to speak with an ML Medical Billing service representative. ML Billing serves practices anywhere in the U.S. and has offices located in Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Our firm handles practices of any size but specializes in large group practices. In fact, we routinely handle more than 30,000 claims per month for some of our clients.

ML Medical Billing has drastically changed the way we do medical billing. It’s like having a billing department in-house.

Orthopedic Surgeon
Los Angeles, CA

Best billing service that I’ve used. Attentive to detail and always available.

General and Bariatric Surgeon
Santa Monica, CA

ML Medical Billing completely simplifies the process of medical billing. Top notch!

Hematologist and Medical Oncologist
Orlando, FL

We are happy that we switched to ML Medical Billing. They are dependable and easy to reach. Our revenues since switching have improved and we gladly endorse them.

Port St. Lucie, FL

We have been using ML Medical Billing for about 2 1/2 years. The transition from our former billing service was relatively easy and seamless. ML Medical Billing took care of the details of notifying the various insurance companies (including Medicare) and they tracked these changes to assure they were completed in a timely fashion. They completed a multitude of forms for us.

In summary, we have been very pleased with ML Medical Billing and would highly recommend them.

Surgical Oncologist
Chicago, IL

When I started my practice, ML Medical Billing guided me through the setup process and helped me navigate credentialing with insurance companies. Now ML Medical Billing is my partner and tirelessly tracks down payments and denials. I could not run my practice without their help. Highly recommended!

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Los Angeles, CA

Our company has been working with ML Medical Billing for over 5 years. They continue to provide us with top-notch customer service and prompt attention to our billing process. They were able to quickly learn our niche market and recoup years of outstanding funds. By working with ML Medical Billing, we have been able to streamline our internal processes and allow our therapy staff to focus their energy primarily on patient care.

Speech, Occupational and Developmental Therapy Group
Westchester, PA

I recently made a transition from a group practice with in-house billing staff to a solo practice outsourcing my billing to ML Medical Billing. In the past 8 months, my experience with ML Medical Billing has been exemplary, with attentive, courteous, available and accountable staff; speedy collections; and very reasonable billing fees relative to the marketplace and the quality of their work.

The efficiency of collections has improved significantly when compared with in-house billing. I unconditionally recommend ML Medical Billing, as they have been extremely attentive and pleasant to work with. Having ML Medical Billing at your side is like having a full staff of billers without having them physically present at your office.

Most importantly, in over 8 months of experience, I have not had a single complaint from any patient regarding how their billing question(s) was handled.

Head and Neck Surgeon
Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been very satisfied with the work that ML Medical Billing has performed for me over the years and I recommend their services to others!

Reconstructive Surgeon
Chicago, IL

Honesty, persistence, and top-notch customer service are my top requirements for a billing service. ML Medical Billing has excelled consistently for the five years I’ve worked with them, even when tackling recent challenges such as out-of-network billing and the mass confusion resulting from the insurance exchange.

Orthopedic Surgeon
Beverly Hills, CA

ML Medical Billing came highly recommended by another surgeon’s office and we have not been disappointed. Quite the contrary. ML Medical Billing is incredibly efficient, are never delayed, and are accessible, knowledgeable, and helpful. It’s like having an inside billing department!

Plastic Surgeon
Chicago, IL

As the president of a group of psychiatrists, I had the pleasure of working with ML Medical Billing in the fall of 2006-2011, and subsequently continued my association with them as an independent physician. During this time I found them to be professional and responsive to the needs of our group.

They were always available to me to answer questions and sent detailed periodic reports of our patients’ account status. I found the staff friendly and pleasant to work with.

I would highly recommend them to any physician in need of such services.

Chicago, IL

We are a large OB/GYN private practice in a university setting. We have used ML Medical Billing for over three years, and the transparency and thoroughness of the billing process are outstanding. We can attest to the integrity of ML Medical Billing and to their commitment to our financial success in a difficult revenue cycle management environment.

David Baum, MD Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Los Angeles, CA

My experience with ML Medical Billing began in 2012, working as the Office Manager for a cardiologist in Fort Pierce, Florida. ML Medical Billing acquired the Internal Medicine part of our billing office, but the cardiologist continued to utilize our employees in billing. As time progressed, the billing was not going in the direction the physician wanted. I began to look around for a billing company when I received a phone call from ML Medical Billing.

The internal medicine physician was completely happy with his billing, so I and our nurse met with ML Medical Billing. Within the hour of our meeting, they were able to navigate throughout the systems with no problem. Many questions were asked and they answered the questions to our satisfaction. We discussed, in depth, the importance of what the physician was expecting from outsourcing his billing. I, as the office manager, felt we had made a wise choice and knew that there was nothing to be concerned about.

It has been more than a year using ML Medical Billing. Their staff went above and beyond with a large clean up of various billing issues and AR. We have been and still are completely satisfied with the service and the staff. It feels more like a friendship than strictly a business relationship.

Your handling of my account has given me a newfound sense of security and has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders.

Fort Pierce, FL

We have been working with ML Medical Billing since our practice opened. With our enormous growth over the past several years, it would seem difficult to be able to grow along with us. However, ML Medical Billing has been flexible, accommodating and has been successful in handling all challenges. They have been instrumental in creating systems for transparency, ease of operation and successful claim processing and collections. Their knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated staff has made our job much easier. Our liaison is intelligent, kind, and will work until the job is done; not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate our relationship.

Marla M., COO Mental Health Center/Psychiatry, Northbrook, IL
4.9 stars based on 141 reviews

Dedicated Account Executive

outsource medical billing

We assign a dedicated Account Executive to your service account to handle all aspects of your outsourced healthcare billing services needs — entering charges, submitting claims, sending patient statements, following up on accounts receivables, and answering patient billing questions. This representative functions as the primary liaison with your practice so that all your medical billing service needs are met in a timely and efficient manner and provides services including software training/consulting, provider coding education, fee schedule modifications, industry awareness, PQRI/PQRS, monthly analysis reports, appeals, and start-up practice guidance.

Medical Bill Collections

Our aggressive follow-up methods allow us to maximize practice revenue, typically by an additional 10% – 20%, for our customers.

Full Revenue Cycle Management

We handle all aspects of the healthcare revenue cycle management outsourced process for small and large practices including:

Revenue Cycle Patient Collection Services

Insurance Accounts Receivable Clean-Up and Accounts Receivable Wind Down

Comprehensive Insurance Claims Follow-up Assistance

  • We review all unpaid claims within 30-45 days of the initial medical billing date, appeal denials (bundling, medical necessity, etc.), resubmit claims for review when initial payment is inconsistent with typical doctor profile, and maintain managed-care contract profiles to assure proper reimbursement — a critical factor in maximizing collections.

In-house Patient Collections

  • Don’t want to send your patients to an outside collections agency? We offer in-house soft and hard collections as an added medical billing outsourced service.

Full Cycle Reports and Analysis

We provide comprehensive monthly closing reports, which typically include:

  • Summary of charges
  • Receipts
  • Adjustments
  • Accounts receivable analysis
  • Multiple productivity reports

We will offer you a wide range of detailed custom reports that will enable you to evaluate the unique structure of your practice. We will regularly consult with you to review your monthly reports as well.

Revenue Cycle Claim Scrubbing

  • We supply the most current CPT, ICD-10, and HCPCS coding expertise to minimize denials and unnecessary delays in reimbursement.

Full Cycle Charge Capture

  • We take your superbills and post all charges using highly intelligent claim scrubbing technology for accuracy.

Full Cycle Claims Submission

  • We electronically bill all payers and handle third-party billing, including Worker’s Compensation and liens.

Full Cycle Payment Posting

  • We also post payments received to patient accounts (line item application allowing tracking of CPT reimbursement history). We post adjustments according to provider’s managed-care contract profiles, monitoring the profiles for reimbursement accuracy as outlined above.

Revenue Cycle Statements

  • We send monthly statements to patients and follow up on non-payment by phone and mail. The patient billing cycle includes multiple statements, followed by delinquency notices.

Full Revenue Cycle Review

  • We assist in fee-schedule review and updates to maximize the practice’s profitability.

Full Cycle Denial Management

  • We follow up on every denied claim immediately to obtain a faster turnaround time for payment.

For more information on outsourced Revenue Cycle Management, visit

Get in Touch with the Expert Medical Billers
Whether you need one or all of our outsourced medical practice management services, the team at ML Medical Billing is here to help you. In addition to Los Angeles and Chicago, we also handle outsourced medical billing and coding in Miami, Florida as well as the rest of the United States. To find out more about what our services can do for you, get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form. We will happily provide references.

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