Orthopedic Surgery

At ML Medical Billing, we believe that orthopedic surgeons and medical staff should be free to focus their time and attention where it matters most – on providing the best patient care possible, and staying on top of the exciting advancements in medical technology.

And while invoices and payment collection may be an inevitable part of any successful practice, the hassles and resources necessary to successfully navigate the revenue billing and insurance claims process don’t necessarily need to be. That’s where ML Medical Billing comes in.

Reduce Administrative Costs For Your Orthopedic Surgery Practice
With over 30 years of experience in the medical revenue billing industry, we have developed the knowledge and resources to help our clients increase monthly and annual profits on two fronts: by helping to increase revenue from outstanding invoices and insurance payments, and cutting the overhead costs associated with running a billing and collections department in-house.

How can we free up more hours and increase revenue for your orthopedic medical practice?

Our only business is making our clients’ professional lives easier by taking on the responsibility of medical revenue billing and insurance claims submissions and follow up.

Benefits of Letting ML Medical Billing Work For You
Dedicated Account Executive to handle all aspects of your medical revenue billing needs, including:

  • Processing charges
  • Submitting claims
  • Sending patient statements
  • Follow up on accounts receivables
  • Answer patient billing questions
  • Software training and consulting
  • Provider coding education
  • Fee schedule modifications
  • Industry awareness
  • Monthly analysis and reports
  • Appeals
  • Start-up practice guidance
  • Aggressively follow up on collections
  • Comprehensive Insurance Claim Follow-up
  • Detailed reports and analysis
  • Claims denial management

These are but a few of the many services ML Medical Billing can offer.

Let ML Medical Billing Handle Your Practice’s Aches and Pains
We work with our orthopedic surgery clients to design a seamless, cost-efficient plan to handle all of the practice’s billing and insurance claims. Some of the many benefits of taking advantage of our full-service medical revenue billing services include streamlining the administrative and personnel costs involved with handling the revenue billing and claims process in-house, including staff, postage, and telephone expenses.

In addition to increasing practice revenue, our services also give orthopedic surgeons what matters most to every practice – the time and peace of mind to work on patients, without worrying about insurance industry bureaucracy and red tape.

To learn more about how ML Medical Billing can help your orthopedic surgery practice cut administrative costs and maximize profits, contact us today or fill out our online contact form. You can also try out our Profit Calculator.

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