The Basics of the ICD-10 Structure

With changes to the ICD-10 code scheduled to go into effect on October 1, 2015, it is important to understand the ICD-10 code sets that are scheduled to replace it. ICD-10 is divided into two general categories for the purposes of reporting medical diagnoses and inpatient procedures. ICD-10-CM covers coding for diagnostics across all healthcare […]

Does Your Medical Practice Have Workflow Issues?

Simply put, a workflow is the pattern and amount of work that comes in and goes out from your office and staff. The key to a good flow is to eliminate those tiny sources of inefficiency, such as inconsistent medical billing or collections, before they begin to inconvenience patients, disrupt your practice, and hinder profitability. […]

5 Medical Billing Mistakes We Can Help You Avoid

When you think of good medical practice management, you likely think of all the things you can do to keep your bottom line strong, such as going paperless or being more efficient. Of course, steps such as those are crucial, but it’s easy to overlook another aspect of good practice management that’s just as essential: […]

5 Easy Steps to Going Paperless

You don’t have to be told how time-consuming it can be to track down medical billing records when they’re in paper form. Yet, you still haven’t made the move to paperless for one reason or another. Well, here’s a reason that may make you rethink this: not going paperless is costing you money. If your […]

How to Keep Your Medical Practice Secure

Although the specialists at ML Medical Billing mainly take care of your office’s billing and coding, another of their specialties is helping you run your business more smoothly. One of the most important medical practice management services we offer is how to keep your practice and patient data secure. Protecting patient information, sometimes referred to […]

Outsource Your Medical Billing to Get Paid Faster

Medical billing can be time-consuming, yet, if you’re like many physicians who are in private practice, you have your staff handle patient billing in-house. No doubt you know that billing is also one of the most complicated aspects of running your own medical practice. However, did you know that handling you patient billing in-house could […]

5 Ways to Better Engage Patients by Outsourcing Medical Billing

With the ubiquity of social media and the ease of global connected-ness, it’s easy to think that long wait times are not a nuisance to patients. After all, the vast majority of people these days seem content spending time with their smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Yet, a long patient wait time is not good. […]

How to Ease the Sting of Patient Collections

Collecting overdue payment from patients is not easy. And if you’ve developed good doctor-patient relationships, it can be even more difficult, especially when unexpected charges or more-expensive-than-expected ones put them in a financial bind. Yet, you must collect payment for medical services rendered to maintain your business and sustain growth. It’s not an unfair expectation […]

Preparing Practices for the Future of Value-Based Care

Are you prepared for the value-based health care model? It’s already here but it’s still 2-3 years away from being fully implemented, so now is the time to get prepared so that your practice and your staff are ahead of the game and ready to maximize profitability and sustain growth. Unlike the traditional system in […]

13 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

Despite what doctors learn in medical school about patient billing practices (i.e., keep it in-house), times are changing. Billing is now as complicated as anything else about the business of running a medical practice. Unless a medical practice is big enough to comfortably have its own in-house patient billing staff, it should consider the advantageous […]

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