Mental Health

With more than three decades of experience providing outsourced medical practice management and full-service medical billing to psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychology, and behavioral health clients, ML Medical Billing has the knowledge base and skilled personnel necessary to increase revenue, and bring your practice into the 21st century. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how our account executives can help you by calling us or filling out the online contact form. We specialize in large practices but serve clients of every size as well throughout the U.S.

You Care, We Collect
The payments, billing, claims, and insurance process can be a drain on precious resources for any mental health practice. In addition to the administrative costs associated with maintaining the billing process internally, it can also be inefficient, even with the most well-meaning and dedicated staff.

The rules and compliance requirements for Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance carriers are constantly changing. Many practices can lose out on tens of thousands of dollars annually in unpaid bills and insurance claims due to an incorrect or incomplete filing.

Our only business is generating more revenue and saving our clients time and money!

How Can ML Medical Billing Help Your Mental Health Practice?
Even in the age of automation and dedicated technology and software solutions, all of which our company proudly embraces, we understand that every practice is unique, with special procedures and processing requirements.

The Human Element

Each of our mental health practice clients is assigned a dedicated account executive who focuses specifically on your practice. Rather than impose rote systems, we will design a service package that will take your patient and practice needs into account, so that your practice can focus on its true purpose – exceptional patient care and service.

Our Mental Health Billing Services
Just a few of the many outsourced services that we provide to our mental health clients include:

  • A dedicated account executive with mental health practice management and billing experience
  • Comprehensive collections and follow up on unpaid statements and claims
  • Unique in-house patient collection services to avoid third-party collections agencies
  • In-depth monthly activity and progress reports
  • CPT, ICD-10, and HCPCS coding expertise
  • Electronic billing for multiple payers and third-party billing, as well as Worker’s Compensation and liens
  • Fee schedule consultation and reviews
  • Denial management

Contact Medical Billing Specialists Today
To learn more about how ML Medical Billing can help your mental health practice cut costs and maximize profits, and run more efficiently, contact us today by phone or by filling out our online contact form.

Try out our Profit Calculator for an estimate of the potential monthly and annual additional profit yield from using our services.

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