Medical Practice Management

Medical billing can often take up a majority of the time that could be spent offering patients the highest possible quality care. This is a distraction that can be significantly reduced with the aid of ML Medical Billing. ML Medical Billing provides expert medical billing assistance so that healthcare providers can focus solely on their patients’ wellbeing. Medical billers provide solutions to the many billing and coding needs that influence medical practitioners from every medical specialty. Our services provide:

  • Elimination of time-consuming tasks
  • Improved collection rates
  • Unique plans designed specifically for your businesses’ needs.
  • Modern and efficient collections and claims processing
  • World class customer service and account management

Overall your business will thrive with improved collection rates, a more timely reimbursement cycle, reduced accounts receivable, decreased rates of lost and denied claims and improved insight into your practice’s financials and performance. Medical billers work to make sure your practice is as profitable as it can be by increasing practice net revenue through payment collection and lower overall administrative costs to our clients.

Medical Practice Management

It is estimated that the average practice can lose as much as $80,000 a year on a combination of denied claims, unpaid invoices, and the significant administrative and personnel costs associated with running a medical billing department in-house. ML Medical Billing has a 30-year track record of successful medical billing and practice management service. Clients can expect an increase in collections of as much as 10%-20%.

In addition to the added efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind obtained with the services of the medical billing and coding professionals at ML Medical Billing, the resources previously allocated to the payments and collection process can be redirected to patient care, which can improve the overall patient experience and satisfaction, leading to repeat and potentially new referral business for your practice.

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