Healthcare Billing Specialist

Physicians already have plenty to juggle in simply providing quality patient care on a daily basis, but administrative duties, such as billing and remittance tasks, are a necessity for any successful practice. However, unless properly managed by a healthcare billing specialist, the costs of creating detailed billing records, maintaining confidential records, and collecting payments can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars in a single year, if not more.

ML Medical Billing is a family-owned company that provides professional billing services to nearly 250 physicians and medical groups throughout California, Florida, and Illinois. We handle the complicated, time-consuming aspects of medical bill collections, insurance claims follow-ups, and full revenue cycle management, allowing our clients to focus on their passion – providing the best medical care possible to countless patients.

Healthcare Billing Specialist

A healthcare billing specialist ensures that the medical providers are paid for their services, by both the patients and the insurance carriers. Efficiency is crucial for strengthening the financial health of a practice – administrative mistakes, missed deadlines, and special circumstances can all interfere with the billing process, potentially delaying when and how much the physicians and their staff can be paid. An experienced billing specialist can not only streamline the billing process, ensuring that an efficient system is established, but also preparing for potential roadblocks in the future. With ML Medical Billing, physicians can confidently focus on their practice specialty, while a healthcare billing specialist focuses on their responsibilities, such as collecting necessary information for insurance claims and patient bills, recording time-sensitive, confidential information, interpreting and processing explanation of benefits, and handling copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.

For more than 30 years, ML Medical Billing has helped each and every client achieve an organized, cost-efficient billing process that ensures a profitable, thriving practice, no matter what size or specialty.

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