4 Steps to Help Overcome Disruptions From ICD-10 Implementation

Virtually every business and service provider has unique, long standing, and established processes in place to ensure that business flows as smoothly and efficiently as possible without having to stop and reinvent the wheel after each and every transaction. Medical practices and service providers are no different. While the requirements for implementation of ICD-10 will disrupt the way your practice has been operating, assessing your practice’s unique work flow and systems can help to mitigate and in some cases avoid the confusion and loss of productivity associated with getting up to speed and implementing the new system.

The most common concerns many physicians and practices have with the impending new medical coding system include:

  • Spending more time and resources documenting the details necessary for new ICD-10 diagnosis codes
  • Wading through a large amount of new billing codes in order to find the correct one for each diagnosis
  • More time spent answering medical coder questions for the necessary ICD-10 specificity
  • More time spent verifying and ensuring that the chosen codes are correct for each diagnosis
  • Dealing with increased volume of rejected and unpaid claims due to potential coding errors and omissions

What Can Your Practice Do to Get Ready for ICD-10?

  • Review 2016 ICD-10-CM coding guidelines, and become familiar where possible on how they differ from ICD-10.
  • With roughly 68,000 codes, learning every single one is not only impossible, it is also necessary. Consider focusing on the counterparts for your practice specialties most frequently used codes under ICD-10.
  • Update existing forms and templates to reflect ICD-10 specificity wherever possible, such as patient intake forms, EHR templates, insurance forms, and superbills.
  • Update current bills that will still be outstanding after the implementation deadline to reflect the specificity requirements and new codes under ICD-10 wherever possible. Taking the time to ensure that all new claims going forward are as accurate and up to date as possible under the new guidelines can potentially help to save your practice time and money in the long run.

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